May 19, 2023
Automate away your process chaos with flexible databases, customizable workflows, and powerful Layers

We're excited to bring you a wave of big product enhancements designed to simplify and speed up your team's collaboration. Note: these updates are currently available for existing customers. They will be rolling out to existing customers over the next week.

With automated Workflows and dynamic databases, you can structure your team’s process and create radical transparency on its progress—all within a single tool. Say goodbye to external spreadsheets and task trackers!

This latest suite of updates includes:

  • Flexible databases, allowing you to visualize and focus your work within folders
  • Automated Workflows, providing your team with process guardrails to focus and standardize your work
  • Enhanced document Layers and a simpler, cleaner document layout

Dynamic databases and kanban boards to power your work

We're thrilled to answer our most common feature request from customers: databases in Almanac! Starting today, every Almanac folder can be pivoted into a customizable database, allowing you to easily sort, filter, and add custom values to your files.

There are three new layouts for folders:

  • Database layout, where you can stay organized with customizable properties
  • Kanban layout, which arranges your docs into status-based processes  
  • List layout, which allows you to navigate simply across your files

In every layout, you can sort, filter, and group by properties to find what you need, when you need it.

Databases and kanban boards were brought to you with 🤍 by Fabien Loup, Gabriel Perácio, Kevin Aleman, Luke Tower, Martin Mochetti, Ninnette Fernandez, and Steven Ko.

Workflow Automations: Built-in rails for your docs

Almanac's Workflows are designed to help your team move with speed, structure, and transparency.

When you create a folder, database, or kanban board in Almanac, you can set up statuses to reflect the process your team uses to move the docs inside of it forward.

You can also attach automations to each of those statuses to speed up the overhead work that consumers your team today. Our automations include:

  • Request Review for feedback requests
  • Request Approval for formal approvals
  • Request Read Receipts to request that recipients mark a document as "Read"
  • Make a Copy to create a new version or duplicate of your document
  • Share to include new individuals on a document
  • Export to export your document in a specific format
  • More to Folder to move your document to a new location

For instance, Product teams can configure a Workflow to request review feedback from their peers, followed by sending it for official Approval from leadership.

You can also customize each Automation so that the same people receive it every time, with the same message, and the same amount of time to complete.

Workflows were brought to you with 🤍 by Diego Gawenda, Fabian Rydel, Gregorio Setti, Ivan Manolov, Martin Denyer, and Natanael Guerra.

Elegant editing

The Almanac doc editor has a fresh new look, designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your editing.

Our latest updates bring a focused view of your document's status, a cleaner formatting experience, a nifty update to versions, and elegant new layers.

You can now access all your document formatting options from the right sidebar of your documents. The Format tab provides dynamic style controls you need next to your doc. You can also close the sidebar to stay focused when reading or reviewing a document.

We've also made improvements to Versions feature, making it easier than ever to stay organized across linked versions. Now, you'll see the version number next to your document name ("v2") when there are any linked versions. Clicking on the version number will show any associated versions, and allowing easy access to copy or merge them.

Finally, we've updated our much-loved Layers feature with an all-new design. Layers have become essential to many of our users' workflows, and the elegant new look simplifies the experience of creating and navigating multiple layers. Layers are always only one click away via the Layers icon next to your doc's name.

The new editing experience was brought to you with 🤍 by Cem Kocagil, Jonathan Whittington and Russel Quadros.

A simpler sidebar: Recents and a home for your private docs

Finally, we've simplified our left sidebar, highlighting access to shared docs and folders in the "Folder" section and all your files from the "Recent" tab.

All Almanac docs now live in folders. When you create a new doc, its default location is a private folder named Your Name's Documents​. Individual docs shared with you can now be found in the Recent → Shared with me section.

These changes make it easier than ever to find your docs in Almanac and understand who has access to what.

Default folder and recents was brought to you with 🤍 by Andreza Feu, Jasmine Feldmann, Ninnette Fernandez, Payam Rajabi, and Vladimir Glusac Rill

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