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Transform Your Work with the Right Handbook
Andrew Logemann
Andrew Logemann
Head of Marketing
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Team handbooks aren't just to house complicated benefits. They can be transformative in building a healthy, transparent work culture.

They can make new employees feel at home in their new roles. They engage everyone on the team in the company's story, goals,  core values, and operating virtues.

A great handbook is a North Star that everyone can use to stay on course — and refer back to.

What makes a handbook so powerful?

  • Handbooks encourage ownership. They allow you to crowdsource your company's knowledge, keeping your documents up-to-date and relevant. Anyone can suggest improvements, so everyone feels a sense of ownership.
  • Handbooks build velocity. They eliminate friction and free your team up to create, collaborate, and keep moving toward your most important goals.
  • Handbooks inspire a culture of learning. They let your team listen to your customers, and to each other, and share and keep what they discover.
  • Handbooks focus your team on results. They make sure everyone knows where you're headed, and how you plan to get there.
  • Handbooks foster relationships. A team's strength depends on the strength of its relationships. Handbooks establish communication norms, and encourage openness and intentionality.

If handbooks are so great, why doesn't everyone have one?

Let's face it: you're busy.

You don't really have time to sit down and build a handbook from scratch. Even if it sounds like a great idea. It's just not going to happen today... or this week... or this quarter... or ever. It can feel overwhelming to know where to start.

Many teams don't have a handbook yet because they haven't had time to make one.

We've done the hard part for you. We've created sample handbooks for all kinds of teams and company sizes. And we've made them available to you for free.

So take a look at the handbooks below and grab the one that's right for your team or organization.

🎯 Biz Ops Team Handbook

Organize your Biz Ops team and stay aligned on metrics!

Check out the handbook →

🏆 Customer Support Team Handbook

Organize your Customer Support team and streamline responses to customer questions and support requests!

Check out the handbook →

🎨 Design Team Handbook

Keep your Design team and projects in sync!

Check out the handbook →

💻 Engineering Team Handbook

Create operating principles and clear communication guidelines for your team!

Check out the handbook →

⭐️ Marketing Team Handbook

Manage content channels, brand principles, and campaigns!

Check out the handbook →

🤝 People Ops Team Handbook

Keep your team of people people moving in the same direction with onboarding resources, meeting templates, and policy resources!

Check out the handbook →

📈 Sales Team Handbook

Align your team around your sales processes and goals!

Check out the handbook →

👋 Company Handbooks

Handbooks help teams maintain their velocity. And they get even more powerful when you use them company-wide to focus your team on building relationships and achieving results.

Your needs change as your company grows. Your handbook should grow with you.

Take a look at our library of sample handbooks for companies at various stages of growth!

💡 Check out the Pre-Seed company handbook →

🌱 Check out the Seed-Stage company handbook →

🌳 Check out the Series A company handbook →

🏔 Check out the Series B company handbook →

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