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41 Best Notion Templates Available for Free [2023]
Almanac Team
Almanac Team
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Notion has templates for all occasions: they’re all customizable, consistent, and color-coordinated based on occasion so you can find the perfect one for you. But what are the best templates in Notion? 

That will depend on your industry, goals, and content needs so we narrowed it down by picking the 41 best Notion templates available for free, as hand-picked by the finest curators at Almanac!

Free Notion Templates for Sales & Marketing 

  1. Brand Assets Template: This template is great for marketers (and designers) to keep track of brand assets like logos, images, and fonts. Ensuring that you keep all your brand assets in place allows you to have easy access to them whenever you’re trying to switch things up, too!
  1. Product Release Template: This is a template for documenting your product releases and roadmaps to let people know what issues you are working on and when you plan to release them.
  1. Media List Template: With Notion’s media list template, keeping track of your public brand image becomes easy. The media list template records all media coverage that your company receives, and reporters who frequently cover your work.
  1. Sales Weekly Digest Template: Thanks to this template, analyzing your sales data for your marketing strategy can only get easier! Notion’s sales weekly template lets you write down your gross and net profit so you could find the dates and plans that lets you sell the most.
  1. Marketing Experiments Template: Marketing experiments are crucial for fine-tuning your marketing strategy, but it can be hard to keep track of the data collected. The marketing experiments allows you to keep all the data you collect in one place for easy analysis, and makes recording observations over a period of time a breeze too. 
  1. Beta Launch Template: Product launches can be just stressful as they are exciting. The beta launch template helps you keep every relevant bit of information relating to a new launch in one convenient place so that you don’t lose or forget anything. 

Alternative Almanac Template for Sales & Marketing 

While there are many to choose from, one of our favorite free templates for sales & marketing teams is Almanac’s Guide to Marketing Experimentation Playbook created by Wes Kao, Co-founder of Seth Godin's altMBA. With clients ranging from Morning Brew to Poo~Pourri, Wes Kao’s invaluable marketing knowledge on Almanac makes sales & marketing not easy, but at least easier.

Her Marketing Experimentation Playbook is just one of many that will automatically get you obsessed with Almanac’s open source templates options. 

Try this free template

Free Notion Templates for Project Management

  1. Goal-Project-Tasks Template: Bringing plenty of people to work together on a single project is already a daunting task on its own—it only gets harder when you make them work on multiple projects. Notion’s Goal-Project-Tasks Template helps you manage which tasks each employee is working on, saving you the headache of having to do that on your own.
  1. Reading List for Teams Template: With a reading list, everything you need to read will be in a nifty list and you could just read them when you’re done with the first one. But what if you wanted to show your team a must-read? Notion’s Reading List for Teams Template makes it so that you’re all connected on a single, shared reading list for teams.
  1. Remote One-on-One Template: Scrum meetings are nice, but when you want to have more personal catch-ups, one-on-one meeting templates are a great remote tool that you can use for asynchronous collaboration. The Remote One-on-One Template lets you store all your one-on-one sessions in a single file viewer that you could review later.
  1. Team Planning Toolkit: The Team Planning Toolkit makes it easy to find the things your team needs to know while you’re strapped for time making them a properly-written plan. You can just fill it out, and it’ll look professional no matter what!
  1. Year In Review Template: Doesn’t having one ultra-convenient place that stores your entire year's progress so that you can look back to it anytime sound convenient? The year in review template records all the highlights of your year so that you can look back to them for future plans, strategies, and more. 
  1. Pre-Mortem Template: As a project manager, risk management should be on top of your priority list if it already isn’t. The pre-mortem template is designed to help you identify potential risks and quickly form plans to solve them when needed, making this one definitely one of the best Notion templates available for free. That way, nothing stops you from completing your projects on time. 

Best Almanac Template for Project Management 

With async collaboration being Almanac’s strong suit, you can only expect its team-based templates to be the absolute best. Project management can be pretty daunting, but Almanac’s templates are here to help you through every step of the process, and its best project management template can help you be consistently on top of your game at all times. 

The Project Plan Template by Thomas Melching is a super-comprehensive template that allows you to record every phase of the planning process. It’s a handbook, Kanban board, wiki, and task list in one. Keep track of deadlines, objectives, resources, deliverables and to-do’s all in one place without making things look too cramped up. 

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Free Notion Templates for Business

  1. Business Model Canvas Template: Looking for your next partner in the business world? Check out Notion’s Business Model Canvas Template before you try and look for an investor. The template’s simplistic style makes it easier to see what your business plan is all about, making this a must-have and one of the best Notion templates available for free!
  1. Traction Channels Template: You can take a dip in the waters of marketing and check the heat. But you can also do the same and have them all arranged with Notion’s Traction Channels Template! This lets you automatically see which places your product is either burning hot or stopped cold.
  1. Pricing Strategy Template: It isn’t easy to find the best balance between overpriced and selling at a loss without a pricing simulator or using dynamic pricing strategies. Whether you’re trying to decide tickets costs for a fun activity in the city of Sacramento or the custom aircraft carpet service you offer, Notion’s Pricing Strategy Template helps you determine your product’s price while taking into account your budget and expenses.
  1. Learning Calendar Template: Training and research are keys to business survival. Use the Learning Calendar Template to plan your training, classes ,and seminars! Now if only it had a view that’s similar to a Kanban board…
  1. New Hire Onboarding Template: A company can’t survive without new folks replacing retired ones. The New Hire Onboarding Template lets you take them into your business projects a lot easier.
  1. Meeting Notes Template: Keeping track of what goes on in a meeting is important, but it’s easy to lose yourself. Make your meetings more productive with the meeting notes template that allows you to keep your highlights, minutes and other bits of info in one easily accessible place! 

Best Almanac Template for Business 

Almanac is designed for small and large businesses alike, and is designed to accommodate all your remote-work needs, so everyone is bound to find a template that’ll be useful for them. Our pick is the Almanac Employee Handbook template by Abhishek Agarwal, the ultimate handbook that can hold all the information your employees will need in a functional, easily-accessible interface.

Creating an employee handbook that your team can reference for common and frequently asked questions is a must for any business. With this template, keep your staff informed about company policies, goals, remuneration and everything else they might need to work optimally. 

Try this free template

Free Notion Templates for Content Creators

  1. Content Calendar Template: Planning your content throughout the year gets a little easier with the Content Calendar Template. It shows you which ones you’ve planned, your progress on the content, and more.
  1. Content Creation Template: It’s easy to gloss over technical stuff when you’re busy churning your content out, but it’s important to keep track of sponsors, deadlines and future plans. Now, keep all the technicalities in one cozy place with the extensive content creation template. 
  1. Journalist Hub Template: Keeping track of your notes and fact sheets will be a breeze with the Journalist Hub Template. It brings all your articles, research lists, and other important information in one, easy-to-find space.
  1. Mood Board Template: Keeping your business’ creative aesthetic in one place
    can sound complicated, but a mood board can make things so much easier. Keep all the pictures, notes, and tidbits that’ll serve as your inspiration in one expansive board and feel the magic! 
  1. Creative Brief Template: The Creative Brief template has all the ingredients you need to make sure that a creative project turns out exactly the way your client wanted. Keep your timeline, instructions, budget, and more in one place so that you can focus on the project without having to hunt for any client info. 

Best Almanac Template for Content Creators 

Almanac is a hub for content creators, and its document editor is particularly popular amongst creators for its sleek, beautiful, and inspirational design perfect for writing and creating. Our favorite is Almanac’s Creative Brief template by Charlotte Ann.

The Creative Brief template helps you summarize your entire project so that you don’t need to go hunting for any info while you’re in the middle of work. But our favorite thing about this template is just how easily customizable and smooth it looks, especially within Almanac’s interface, auto-formatted to fit snugly within your internal wiki or portfolio. 

Try this free template

Free Notion Templates for To-Do Lists & Tracking 

  1. Task List Template: Ever feel the need for a task list that lets you pick the things you want to do today? The Task List Template lets you do exactly that in a single page! It works like a Kanban board that separates the things you’re supposed to do from the things you’re already doing. This also lets you set priorities, which makes it extra handy when doing the Eisenhower Matrix!
  1. Weekly Agenda Template: Some things can’t be done within a day. With the Weekly Agenda Template, you can do your other stuff later in the week so you can focus on the workable ones. It can even serve as a weekly exercise, chores, meal planner, or anything else! 
  1. To-Do List Template: A to-do list is more than just a list. With the To-Do List Template, you can arrange your tasks by status, priority, assignee, and your own custom sorts. This template makes it easier to pick your priorities when it comes to tasks.
  1. Applicant Tracker Template: Picking out recruits needs its own kind of template. The Applicant Tracker Template! Make it easier to pick out your newest team member with this template by updating them on the Kanban board as they move through the recruitment process.
  1. Daily Standup & Tasks Template: Discuss your daily tasks with your team using the Daily Standup & Tasks Template. Place your tasks in an easy-to-find place for all your teammates to see before you put them down on your Kanban boards.

Best Almanac Template for To-Do Lists & Tracking

If you’re a project manager trying to keep track of your progress with the rest of your team, then Almanac’s got you covered! Pair Almanac’s highly collaborative document editor with Aubrey Willis’ in-depth Project Plan template and you’re all set. 

The Project Plan template uses checklists, sheets, and trackers to help you keep track of your project’s on-going progress so that you can make sure your team is advancing at a fast yet comfortable pace. The document also has some detailed instructions to walk you through the project’s development phase too! 

Try this free template

Free Notion Templates for Startups 

  1. Go to Market (GTM) Plan Template: Plan ahead with the Go to Market (GTM) Plan Template and bring your project launch to success! It features a list of things that you plan to do, making it easy to find the details of your grand plan.
  1. Pitch Deck Template: Make life easier on yourself with a Pitch Deck Template so help organize your pitch for investors or clients. 
  1. Fundraising Database Template: Anyone who’s ever had experience with fundraisers knows how hard it is to convince people to give out cash. With the Fundraising Database Template, you can manage your fundraisers in the same way you do a to-do list, but with the benefit of being easier to update.
  1. Agency Hub Template: Let your contractors know more about your company with the Agency Hub Template. With quick links to your guides, brand statement, and company philosophy, show them what makes yours the better option!
  1. Competitor Comparison Template: Choosing between two companies is like comparing apples to watermelons—you’re not sure which fruit you’re in the mood for. The Competitor Comparison Template lets you compare between competitors so you’d know which one suits your needs better.
  1. Standard Operating Procedure Template: Safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand, and that’s what the Standard Operating Procedure Template is for. It has an index of each procedure, giving easy access to your company’s SOPs.
  1. Team Wiki Template: There’s nothing like having all your company information visible in an internal wiki. The Team Wiki Template lets you search for the things you need, all in a design that’s easy on the eyes.

Best Almanac Template for Startups 

Almanac has all the ingredients a startup needs to succeed, but Abhishek Agarwal’s Business Plan for Startup Business template is the ultimate guide and template rolled into one, perfect for beginners and veterans alike. 

Focused on helping teams craft the perfect business plan without missing out on any important detail,the template features clear instructions, explanations and both narrative and financial worksheets. Its comprehensive structure will especially benefit you if you’re completely new to startups as it will essentially hold your hand through the entire process. 

Try this free template

Free Notion Templates for Students

  1. Grade Calculator Template: If you’re trying to study smart, the grade calculator is exactly what you need. This template calculates how much every topic or assignment is worth for your final grade so that you can divide your time between them efficiently. 
  1. Cornell Notes System Template: Professor Pauk would have loved it if he'd seen Notion’s Cornell Notes System Template. Combining readability with aesthetics, the template brings all your class notes onto one way. You could write on it with an Apple Pencil and an iPad. This Notion template is free, aesthetic, and consistently productive!
  1. Thesis Planning Template: Manage your progress with the Thesis Planning Template, bringing your schedule, drafts, and documentation together beside your notes and ideas.
  1. External Resources Organizer Template: Make studying easier with a neat place with the External Resources Organizer Template, which hosts a quick index where you could arrange your resources in. 
  1. Budget Planning Template: Being in the classroom means you’re not earning money unless you’re the professor. So balance out your funds with the Budget Planning Template which shows you where your money is going. It works best when you partner it up with a meal planner.
  1. Course Schedule Template: Don’t forget another class with the Course Schedule Template. It lets you know when the next class will be, your assignment deadlines, and the dates of your exams. Copying and duplicating tasks that need to be done more than once is easy here. Plus, it has a calendar to show you when the next rest day is going to be.

Best Almanac Template for Students

Almanac makes studying more fun with its dynamic and collaborative tools so that you can switch up your study techniques or study remotely with your peers. But besides being an avenue for shared note-taking, Alanac’s Personal Development Plan template can also help you optimize your personal growth. 

Developed by Nicole Le Maire, this template is designed to help you improve yourself and document the process as a daily journal and habit tracker. If you’re struggling with a particular subject, needing a meal planner for living healthier, or wanting to learn a particular instrument, this template helps you create the perfect action plan and daily journal to help you achieve your goals without wearing yourself out. So take out that Apple Pencil and start scribbling your personal plans!

Try this free template

Best Notion Template? 

Picking out the best Notion template is totally up to whatever works for you! Every template serves a different purpose, and the best template is the one that makes any particular task way easier for you. 

But if you think that Notion’s templates might be lacking, or if Notion doesn’t have your favorite UI, you might want to take a look at the vast collection of professionally designed and completely free templates that Almanac has to offer. 

Free Almanac Templates to Try Today 

Almanac’s free and open-source templates created by its diverse and bustling community of professionals opens up a world of new possibilities. With over 3000 templates on design, management, marketing, and personal and organizational growth, just pop open a template on Almanac’s document editor and get started! 

Here are some of the best free templates that Almanac has to offer. 

Best Template for Meeting Follow Up

This template option is great because it not only explains how to set up your follow up email, but it also gives a copy-and-paste version you can fill in for your specific meeting. Plus, with examples along the way, you’ll never be stressed about writing a meeting followup email again! 

Extra bonus? Almanac has a ton of free templates for meeting followup, so you can pick and choose your favorite(s).

Try this free template

Best Template for Outreach Emails

There’s a lot to have in using a template for outreach emails, way more if you use a tool that lets you add in something specific automatically, like a name. This template has that, which speeds up the process and your productivity without compromising on your email’s quality. 

You can try out all these templates for free, no need to upgrade to a paid user to have them.

Try this free template

Best Template for Product Development

When developing a new product, you need something that tells you what to do, when to do, and whether or not you’ve done it. Like most of Almanac’s templates, this one has that. But the Product Requirements Document Template is crafted exactly for designing your workflows around your product’s development.

You can combine this with other Almanac templates and services, just to suit your exactly unique needs—needs as unique as your product. And with any of the Notion templates free aesthetic design, you can easily mix and match to your exact tastes and preferences.

Try This Free Template

Best Template for Startups 

Rather than an individual template, Almanac is home to a collection of templates designed to guide you through your startup journey. This awesome and extremely informative collection, authored by Eric Ries is designed to guide you through every aspect of product development so that your startup continuously stays on the road of innovation. 

Every template included ties in with the previous one, making this the ultimate guide for any innovator to streamline the product development procedure. Following the Lean Startup method, this template issue to get your gears running and make product development a lot easier for you. 

Try This Free Template

Best Template for Creating Product Roadmaps 

A product roadmap is an action plan that allows you to speed through the product development process with minimal hiccups. Detailed plans are indispensable for any project, and with Almanac’s product roadmap template, you’ll be able to create an awesome roadmap for your next project effortlessly. 

It has a detailed format that’s easy to follow to make your project run as easy as it should.

Try This Free Template

Best Template for Product Launches

Launching a new product needs more than just your marketing plan. After all, you still need to have a solution for any other thing that might go wrong. The perfect product launch plan helps with that by having your plans in a single, easily-findable place. 

By default, it has all the basic things you need. But you can always add more.

Try This Free Template

Best Template for Go-To-Market Plans

Go-To-Market plans are just as time-consuming and vast as they are effective, so if you want to see the results, you’ll have to put in the hours. Thankfully, Almanac offers a great go-to-market plan template to help you organize your strategies and keep track of other variables - all in one place.

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Best Template for Cold Emails

Cold emailing is an essential marketing aspect, but it can be challenging. Use this handy template to automate your cold emailing strategy using dynamic and conditional variables to make email marketing much faster and increase your reach. 

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Best Template for Remote Meetings

Want your remote meetings to be more productive and inclusive? This remote meeting agenda template is the perfect tool for any organization to outline the objectives of their meetings and make sure that they follow your agenda. 

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Best Template for Interviews

After wrapping up your interviews, following up with the organization that interviewed is just as important as the interview itself, especially if you’re trying to leave a lasting impression. Although the options for keeping in touch are quite limited, one of the best and easiest ways to show your enthusiasm is by sending a short and friendly thank you email. 

This template features eight different thank you emails that you can choose from and customize easily based on your personal communication style! No doubt, you’ll love having this template’s free aesthetic design on your side.

Try This Free Template

The Bottom Line on Free Notion Templates

And that concludes our list of the best Notion templates available for free! Notion’s collection is a versatile one, but if you’re looking for a wide collection of 3000+ templates hosted on a community-driven platform, you might want to give Almanac’s high-quality,  fully customizable, and free templates a try. 

Almanac’s dynamic document editor allows you to get started with a new template in seconds, and its collaborative approach allows you to share and work on templates with the rest of the team. Whether it's a meal planner, habit tracker, daily journal, or a note-taking system that you’re looking for, find it easily on Almanac’s free open-source template collection or request a template yourself! 

Give Almanac a try today

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